The Emerging Technologies Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

The Emerging Technologies Hub aims to be part of WID’s direction and mission to extend creative networks for discovery. Created by experts in the areas of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D capture, game development, computer graphics, visualization, art, 3D reconstruction, and public displays, the Hub is built upon the idea that the design and integration of novel technologies can have broad impact Through training, practice, and outreach, the Hub provides a catalyst for opportunities focusing on the next generation of future professionals, leveraging our resources to create tangible community outreach and engagement with educational merit and inclusive value.

The goal of this Hub is to utilize emerging technologies as a focus point for engagement in the humanities. As new technologies are often developed in laboratory settings, their impact is not readily apparent for a wider audience. In this regard, it is essential for content creators, designers, and artists to be integrated into technologies as these are developed. This mission aligns directly with the goals of the existing Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s Illuminating Discovery Hub which aims to take research beyond the lab.

The hub has three specific objectives:

  • To engage the broader public through innovative uses of technology
  • To provide a campus resource for sharing and testing new technologies
  • To partner with outside entities surrounding the use of innovative technologies

More information coming soon!