The Emerging Technologies Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

We propose to launch an Emerging Technologies Hub to serve the greater campus and community in means of extending creative networks for discovery. As new technologies are often developed in a laboratory setting, their impact is not readily apparent for a wider audience and potential interdisciplinary collaborations are often left unexplored. As learning and research surrounding novel technologies reach beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, emerging tech currently only exists as a series of distributed silos across the campus leading to redundant activities and missed opportunities for collaboration. 


The Emerging Technologies Hub aims to fulfill this critical need by creating a campus nexus for research and resources related to novel technologies. We have partnered with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery to secure a highly visible public space inside of the Discovery Building where the hub will be headquartered. This space will provide a point of connection between interdisciplinary teams of researchers and students, thereby enabling the integration of scientists, content creators, designers, artists, and engineers around novel technologies.


The specific objectives of the hub are:

  • To innovate new methods of research and education using emerging technologies and evaluate how these technologies facilitate high impact student learning
  • To provide a campus resource for sharing and testing of new technologies
  • To partner with outside entities surrounding the use of innovative technologies and develop best practice business models for using new technologies
  • To engage the broader public through innovative uses of science and technology


While the long-term vision of the hub is to broadly facilitate emergent novel technologies, the initial focus of the hub will target augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR/VR).  In means of creating a foundation of support for the hub, we are applying for a UW2020 proposal. We are hoping that you may be able to provide your name to this survey to help us show broad interest for our proposed hub.